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The Voice for America's Libraries, September 2011

Ensuring your library's financial security

"In her positive and even feisty book, Saving Our Public Libraries: Why We Should, How We Can, Janet Jai shows library supporters and librarians exactly how they can ensure their library's financial security for the future. A great mix of fundraising ideas and advocacy tips, Jai uses actual examples from successful people and libraries to demystify the process of getting money.

"The book is easy to read and understand, and most of all it is empowering. Even a novice fundraiser or library advocate will find ways to help his or her library. Jai conducted interviews with more than 50 library experts, and included the most cogent and inspiring examples and quotes.

"Saving Our Public Libraries is an important contribution for the future or America's libraries. To order this book for $19.99, visit"

The Voice for America's Libraries is the newsletter of ALTAFF - Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations, a division of the American Library Association. This review is reprinted with ALTAFF's permission.

"She wrote the book on saving libraries"
Column by Brian O'Neill in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, February 22, 2011

Interview re Saving Our Public Libraries on The Donna Seebo Show,, April 27, 2011.

"Thank you for your MOST IMPORTANT book!" (Capitalization by Marilyn Johnson)
Marilyn Johnson, Author
This Book Is Overdue!

"Your book provided a great overview of the impact and issues affecting libraries nationwide. As someone fairly new to the library field, I found it informative and helpful to have it all in one place (and easily digestible). I have flagged a number of pages that I will discuss with my colleagues. As it happens, I just had a conversation with a Board of Trustees member about providing members with a list each year of all the ways they can help—I found a helpful checklist in the book. I am routing the book through our office and it has already provided much food for thought. Thank you for caring enough to create it."
Development Officer for an Urban Library System

"I finished your book Wednesday evening. Without gilding the lily, I must praise your work for its authenticity, action-inspiring and readily accessible message(s). The design presents the issues then provides credible voices to explain, amplify and/or advocate. You can be very proud, especially for the positive impact it makes on behalf of the cause you champion so effectively with the book."
Richard Headley
Former Associate Dean for Executive Education, Case Western Reserve University

Library-Funding Talks and Workshops

March 10
Invited Speaker, Allegheny County Library Association (ACLA) Directors Meeting: Saving Our Public Libraries

April 30
Invited Panelist, Pennsylvania Southwest Region Trustee and Friends Institute: Sustainable Library Funding

"Having attended the Trustees Institute, we are interested in purchasing two copies of your book concerning sustainable library funding.... You are a very interesting speaker."
Hope Sehring, Director
Jeannette Public Library

October 6
Invited Speaker, West Virginia Library Association Conference: To Get More Money for Your Library: Think Salmon!

October 27
Invited Speaker/Workshop, Ohio Library Council Convention: Saving Our Public Libraries: Think Salmon!

November 2
Selected Speaker, Library 2.011 international library web conference: How Can You Obtain More Operational Funding and Develop Sustainable Funding for Your Library? Think Salmon!

November 7
Invited Debater, William Pitt Debating Union, University of Pittsburgh: Speaking on the PRO side re "This House Would Raise Taxes To Fully Fund Public Libraries."

Saving Our Public Libraries