A beautifully illustrated story.An environmentally important book.

Tree's Song (for Jenni)

A moving story about the lifelong relationship between a girl and a tree.

"Tree's Song (for Jenni) has the makings of a classic, both for the simple, moving story and the timelessness of the illustrations."
Patricia Lowry, former Pittsburgh Post-Gazette staff writer and critic

"Tree's Song (for Jenni) is a wonderful coming of age story that explores our bond with nature throughout the seasons of our lives. Beautifully written and illustrated, it will captivate readers both young and old.
"As a boy, I would read in the big tree in my parents' front yard during the summer. Tree's Song took me back to those days and helped me recall good memories of sitting in our tree."
Chris G., Librarian

“I am truly impressed with the story and Illustrations in Tree's Song (for Jenni). For one who has spent a lifetime among the apple trees, Tree’s Song resonates with the recurring need and delight in establishing a bond with trees, especially fruit trees that provide nourishment for the body as well as the spirit. From the child’s first joy of discovery to the wrinkled hand cradling its precious fruit, this bond is a commitment and an understanding about our natural world. Jenni spoke to her tree without uttering a single word.”
Tom Burford, "Professor Apple"
Orchard consultant, lecturer, and author of Apples of North
, Timber Press, 2013

"An uplifting book - beautiful in story, illustration, and environmental message."
Sharon G. Flake, Award-winning author of The Skin I'm In and Pinned

Tree's Song (for Jenni) is a picture book for nature lovers of all ages, especially those who love trees. It tells a sweet story, perfect for children and for parents and grandparents to share with children. It is also enjoyed by adults who care about trees because it provides a touching reminder of the importance a tree can play in our lives.

Tree's Song captures with beautiful illustrations many significant life events and stages: being young, growing up, going away to college, getting married, having a baby, and growing older. This book portrays a healthy, happy relationship between human beings and nature with Tree and Jenni as BFF.


janet jai is a nonfiction writer and poet-artist who loves trees. She has been published and has exhibited nationally and internationally. She is the author of Saving Our Public Libraries: Why We Should. How We Can. She is also the creator of poemART, an intimate blend of poetry and colorful abstract art. A limited-edition book of her early poemART is in the collection of the National Museum of Women in the Arts. In 1996, jai opened her own firm, Vision and Values, which is dedicated to "Communications That Make a Difference."


Maria Cherkasskaya is an artist and illustrator, originally from Ukraine. For almost 20 years, she was a Production Designer at Ukranimafilm, a renowned animation studio in Kiev. There she created characters, storyboards and backgrounds for animation films, many of which received national and international awards. She was also a freelance illustrator and book designer. Since 1994, Maria has lived in Pittsburgh. Her illustrations have appeared in numerous children’s books and magazines. She is affiliated with the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators, and her work can be seen at www.pittsburghillustrators.org.

Tree's Song (for Jenni)
will be published in April 2017.

Tree's Song (for Jenni) is a hardcover book (8-3/8" x 9-1/2") of 40 pages, printed in the United States on 100% recycled paper.

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Tree's Song (for Jenni)

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